Camp Creek Golf Course Renovation

The proposed Camp Creek expansion has provided an excellent opportunity for us to renovate our golf course conditions. We are committed to maintaining your private club at the highest level and improvements at Camp Creek were not a matter of if, but when. The Camp Creek renovation project will consist of new Celebration Bermuda grass to replace existing turf, including tees, fairways, and surrounds. The project will also include bunker and driving range refurbishment, cart path repairs, and a significant amount of native area improvements. The main goal of the course renovation project is to ensure the long-term viability of the golfing experience for our Members.

Over the years, the original El Toro species of zoysia grass used to highlight the bunkers has taken over our Bermuda grass. We have also found that the El Toro species is undesirable in the long-term. While the grass may look healthy and play well, El Toro becomes very weak and harder to recover over time. If left unrepaired, the course could continue to deteriorate and will never regain the high level of standards our Members are accustomed to at The Clubs by JOE.

The Clubs by JOE has enlisted the services of Landscapes Unlimited, a reputable golf course construction firm. We are confident that their experience and expertise will meet our standard of excellence for the project. The scope of work includes a total re-grassing of the course, except for the greens, to Celebration Bermuda. Along with the transition to Celebration Bermuda, we plan to refurbish bunkers with G-Angle sand. During this process, the Camp Creek maintenance staff will focus on all the details that make a golf course exceptional. This includes cleaning up native areas and repairing cart paths. We plan to create some new natural walking paths from green to tee for those that enjoy walking the course. We will also take this opportunity to do some tree work where needed. We have selected a process called a no-till procedure. This process involves spraying the existing grasses over a period of months to kill them before they are re-sodded. The advantage of no-till is that it requires less down-time compared to a complete reconstruction. However, this construction plan will require us to close Camp Creek Golf Club for Summer 2020.

Our current plan is to close Camp Creek in mid-March 2020 and aim to reopen in Fall 2020. We will begin spraying the existing grasses, except for the greens, starting July 29th. We will spray several times over the next few months and again in Spring 2020 before closing. To maintain quality playing conditions throughout the spraying process, we have decided to overseed the fairways and tees. We plan to continue to treat the greens as usual so that they can maintain their level of play throughout the process. During the closed summer months, we will re-sod and sprig the course and aggressively aerify the greens.